In the artworks titled Rykelmä, glazed ceramics and mouth-blown glass meet nature-shaped wood. The ceramics are mineral-like, the glass is pouring, and the wood is untreated. Instead of portraying figures and landscapes, abstract textures and diverse surfaces are drawn from nature, thus manifesting the essence of the natural world. The visual starting point for the pieces has been, for example, slime molds that grow in clusters on the surfaces of decaying trees. The viewer can perceive  in the works the resin-dripping branch of a tree or the melting of a frost covered moss  under the spring sun.

I have developed my own glazes for the pieces, imitating natural textures such as lichen or mold growth on decaying wood. The materials are combined in a way that they either emphasize each other or they blend seamlessly. At times, it seems to me that these particular artworks are something between living and artificial.

Photo: Mikko Patrikainen