For me, jewelry is like portable miniature sculptures. Although smaller and less substantial compared to my larger and more elaborate pieces, jewelry still shares a kinship with them. They have served as the original source from which the largerones developed.

Through jewelry, I have explored ceramics in a way that would have otherwise remained undiscovered. Jewelry has allowed me to develop methods that I have utilized in larger sculptures, which has led to entirely new approaches to ceramics. When I was creating jewelry during my first year of studies, I had a clear vision for their utilization. In addition to their conventional function, I used them to adorn sculptures. Those adornments could also be detached to become independent artworks. The detail of a lush sculpture would be zoomed in, in a way. The ornament seeks to detach from the surface, giving rise to an autonomous piece.

Treasures series was created in 2014 for Ilona Hackenberg's clothing line presentation. Nectar-dripping ceramic flowers and ceramic tassels sparkled in theshow as earrings on models' ears and as brooches on their clothing. During the development of Treasures, something entirely new, previously hidden, emerged in the field of ceramic art. This new element continued its development in my sculptures. The cluster-like structures of the tassels transitioned into larger works, and the dripping flowers remain a theme in my pieces. The jewelry offers a different perspective on familiar concepts, providing insights that would not have otherwise arisen.

The origin of the works titled Kukkakoru is somewhat opposite compared to my Treasures series. The Treasures served as inspiration for the later sculptures, their larger counterparts. Conversely, the flowers in the Kukkakoru works are miniature versions of the wall-hanging flower sculptures. Small ceramic flowers serve as earrings and brooches to be worn on clothing. It is not unusual in my work for sculptures to serve as the starting point for the jewelry, and vice versa.

The Swan Earrings was born out of my love for porcelain and swans. White porcelain, black glaze, and gold together create a head of a swan that can be hung on the ear. As the national bird of Finland, the Whooper Swan represents the country, and these earrings celebrates it.