Photo: Chikako Harada

   The ceramic robot sculptures were my first independent project outside of my coursework. During my second year of study I was learning ceramic molding techniques. That is when the robots originated. Their forms were entirely taken from everyday objects. Banal objects, I might say. I created separate plaster molds from items like IKEA shot glasses, food packaging, vacuum cleaner hoses, or pens. I aimed to select objects whose shapes were familiar from industry and primarily functional. Mundane forms, typically considered dull, underwent a metamorphosis when cast or pressed into clay and assembled into bodies, robots. The core idea behind constructing the robots was to turn the commonplace shapes of food packaging into refined, lofty sculptures. When the material and context change, a person's attitude towards the same figure takes on a new perspective. In a way, I also wanted to trick the audience into looking at the form without the preconceived schema attached to it.