The artworks titled Rivistö evolved after a more organic phase of my artistic journey – the phase of mossy tussocks, so to speak. I returned to the roots of my method, previously used for crafting tuft-like jewelry. The same regularity and lines present in the jewelry now resurface in Rivistö. Intended to be hung on the wall, they resemble oversized jewelry.

My obsession with arrangement is evident in these works. The mind melts into a meditative state as I organize the components in various ways. During the creative process, various patterns seem apparent to me, guiding my rhythmic arrangement of materials and color bars to achieve harmony. The basis of Rivistö lies in all the moments where I find repetition or order (or attempts at order), such as the facades of buildings in architecture, rag rugs, shipping containers in harbor areas seen in satellite images, the overflowing shelves of products in stores, or rows of neatly folded clothes at home.